MS 661 C-M

Professional chain saw

The MS 661 C-M chain saw is equipped with cutting-edge technologies for the best possible performance for the logging and harvesting industries. It boasts a high power-low weight ratio and is the lightest chain saw in its engine displacement class. The extra powerful and efficient delayed stratified scavenging engine allows you to work effectively, thanks to its high cutting performance and low emissions. It features the M-Tronic™ fully electronic engine management system, which uses a microchip to control the engine’s ignition timing and fuel supply, taking into account variables such as temperature, fuel quality and elevation. Take it to the max, with minimum effort. Also available with full wrap or heated handles and carburetor (MS 661 C-M VW R)

Versions Featured Price
MS 661 C-M - 20" Bar $1,504.95*
MS 661 C-M - 24" Bar $1,514.95*
MS 661 C-M - 28" Bar $1,524.95*
MS 661 C-M - 36" Bar $1,544.95*
MS 661 C-M - 32" lightweight bar $1,579.95*
MS 661 C-M - 36" lightweight bar $1,589.95*

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